About Us

About Us


From cement and mining to coal-fired power and steel, iron, and aluminium plants, heavy industries rely on PFISTER  products and solutions to deliver high-accuracy weighing and dosing.

Our classical linear dosing systems and rotor weighfeeders offer state-of-the-art performance across a range of dosing applications including both fine (e.g., cement, coal dust, fly ashes) and coarser (e.g., clinker, raw coal, additives) materials.

Our rotor weighfeeders are particularly relevent when handling alternative fuels, including plastics, refuse-derived fuels (RDF), animal meal, and biomass. Whether the materials are pulverised, flakey, or fibrous, PFISTER dosing systems can be tailored to the application to deliver accurate and reliable dosing that you can rely on.

You can also rely on our experienced PFISTER service technicians to deliver first-class service, supported by our global 24/7 hotline and online troubleshooting support. Discover more about our world-leading products and services on our website.

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